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Polar Geophysical Institute

Kola Arctic Geophysical Infrastructure Network
of the Polar Geophysical Institute



Polar Geophysical Institute (PGI) was established in October 11, 1960 for exploring physical processes at high latitudes. PGI is the only institute of this profile in Russia, which is fully located in the Arctic zone and possesses its own scientific infrastructure. The PGI research topics are consistent with the Main directions of basic research of the Program of basic scientific research of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Scientific and applied PGI activities include the development and transfer of technical innovations to users for high-latitude geo- and radiophysical observations, monitoring geomagnetic variations in a wide frequency range, monitoring cosmic rays, monitoring the atmosphere of the Arctic, auroral observations, and other tasks in the high-latitude physics.

Aims and objectives

The need to develop the Arctic region increases the relevance of scientific research in it. Such studies are of interest to organizations from other regions, but they are often limited to expeditionary studies that are substantially less productive than studies based on regular stationary observations. For the organization of such observations and studies, the available PGI resources can be used.
Integration of the PGI scientific infrastructure in the Kola Arctic Geophysical Infrastructure Network (KAGIN) is aimed at its effective use and ensuring its accessibility to researchers from other regions.
For completeness, the "Barentsburg" Observatory, which is located outside the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as some facilities in other regions of Russia, supported by the PGI together with other organizations, are also included in the description of KAGIN. The use of these objects may have features that require additional coordination.


Polar Geophysical Institute (PGI)
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