Latest news

Latest updates can be monitored on this page. 


18 June 2018: Information page update to include the links to the final programme and abstract book.


08 May 2018: Information page update to include quick facts about the meeting.


 24 March 2018: The workshop is over. We thank all participants for coming and sharing their results!


21 March 2018: Final program published.


13 March 2018: Updated provisional program published.


25 February 2018: Sponsor logos added.


19 February 2018: Tentative program published.


14 January 2018: The list of submitted abstract titles published.


16 December 2017: The abstract submission deadline extended to 19 December 2017.


28 November 2017: Visa information updated; selected hotel information added.


2-3 November 2017: Added search links and some additional information to the Accommodation page.


20 October 2017: Registration fee and payment procedure updated.


24 August 2017: several updates: topic list, lunch cost.


04 August 2017: registration and abstract uploading opened.


10 June 2017: Web site opened for public, pre-registration started.