There are hotels and apartments close to PGI and farther away, with quite enough capabilities to accommodate the VERSIM participants. Search Apatity at Example search: here.


Additionally, there is a small hotel belonging to Kola Science Center with about 10 rooms (5 minutes walk from PGI). The are not only single but also double-bed and even triple-bed rooms in it. For booking it you will have to contact the LOC or use the Russian language site.


For slope-skiing fans, it can be advisable to book a room in Kirovsk (see a search example here) and use regular bus connection between Kirovsk and Apatity: 30-40 min and 50 RUR one way, about every 15-20 min during day time. If we can we will organize connection from and to Kirovsk.


Note that March is a high season in Khibiny, so everyone who intends to participate should book their accommodation soon. This is especially those who wish to stay in Kirovsk.


In the case you are booking private apartments (not hotels) please do not hesitate to ask the owners whether a proper receipt will be issued and/or whether they accept bank cards.


Typical nightly costs for hotel range around 2500 RUR but may be even twice cheaper. However, there are also more expensive variants, especially in Kirovsk for high season.

Additional information on selected hotels


Kirovsk (30 to 40 min from Apatity by bus, 50 RUR one way)